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Founding Team

Max Makeev
CEO & Co-Founder

Max entered the world of robotics as an electrical engineer at iRobot, where he met Mark on his first day.  Max guided several development initiatives from design to launch before moving into his first leadership role as a technical competency manager.  Later shifting to product management, he was responsible for worldwide product launches, showcasing his ability to navigate the many diverse aspects of the business.  In 2014, Max teamed up with Mark to co-found Owl Labs.  As CEO Max oversaw every facet, from product development to sales, and grew the company from a concept into a business.  Owl Labs now proudly serves over 175k customers.

Mark Schnittman
CTO & Co-Founder

Mark joined iRobot after completing his graduate studies in robotics.  It was there that he was steeped in the philosophy of practical robotics.  He later joined a seed-stage robotics company called Romotive where he began to learn the ropes of venture-backed startups.  In 2014, he pitched an idea for a new company to Max and together they started Owl Labs, maker of the Meeting Owl 360° automatic conference camera, honored as one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2020.  At Owl, Mark led the software team for the company's first 5 years and then went on to lead product strategy.